Travel Insurance UK Best Providers

Travel Insurance UK Best ProvidersObtaining a reliable travel insurance coverage, traveling abroad will become much safer. Whether traveling is your passion or you are obliged to visit different countries because of your job, it is essential to consider purchasing a proper coverage to secure your health, luggage and many other aspects while traveling. All the reasons why it is necessary to get a travel insurance UK policy are valid. So, if you are a UK citizen and need to find a trustworthy insurance company in the country, we shall present to your attention the list of 2016 best companies based on expert reviewers from independent sources.

1. Saga

Saga is a highly popular travel insurance UK companies that offers affordable and efficient coverage options for travelers. The company does provide plenty of features one can’t find applying to any other company. Besides, this insurance provider has no upper age limit set. This is a great advantage for UK citizens as plenty of couples love to travel once they get retired. The company’s broad-ranging travel insurance coverage includes the following points:

1.1. Up to £10, 000, 000 (about $14,615,000) for medical expenses. The company also undertakes returning its insured to his native country UK for further medical treatment if necessary.

Travel Insurance UK Best Providers

1.2. Up to £5, 000 (about $7, 300) for the insured’s luggage in case of a theft, damage or loss.

1.3. Up to £10, 000 (about $14, 600) cancellation cover in case the insured is obliged to abandon his trip. The sum is paid per trip.

1.4. Up to £1, 500 (about $2100) enforced stay cover. This sum will be required for the accommodations and food in case an insured is left abroad.

1.5. Up to £1, 000 (about $1, 400) cover for a missed departure.

Travel Insurance UK Best Providers

2. Post Office

Post Office is another famous travel insurance UK company that is distinguished for its exceptional reliability. The companies offers as single trip so annual travel insurance plans to suit every customer’s needs. The British Travel Awards has proclaimed the Post Office as the year’s UK best travel insurance company since 2006. The award was based solely on UK customers’ votes. This travel insurance UK provider offers Standard, Economy and Super Economy policies. Which to choose, depends on the customer’s requirements. If you travel with your family, your children under age 18 get included under the coverage totally free of charge.

Travel Insurance UK Best Providers

3. Aviva

Aviva is our next best travel insurance UK company that offers both single trip and annual travel insurance policies. Applying to this insurance provider, you can have a pre-travel advice on any matter that interests you. The assistant helpline of the company is available 24/7. Calling the service from the country you are traveling to, you can get assistance in case of medical emergencies, luggage and document loss, theft or damage.


Travel Insurance UK Best Providers


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