How Much Is Car Insurance? Get a Satisfying Answer

How Much Is Car Insurance? Get a Satisfying AnswerThe issue how much is car insurance matters a lot for perhaps every driver. Certainly the higher the premiums are the higher the limits will be in the end. Yet the solvency of people differ. Specialists generally recommend purchasing the insurance that you can afford the most. This way you will not break the bank yet have an impressive limit once necessary. If the final limit the insurance company pays does not thoroughly cover the damages you caused, you will have to pay the difference out of your own pocket. Not to go bankrupt after every traffic collision you are to blame for, it is better to rise the amount of your premiums thus rising the final limit.

Factors Affecting Car Insurance Price

To have a better view how much is car insurance, let us consider the aspects that influence the cost.

How Much Is Car Insurance? Get a Satisfying Answer

1. Car related factors

First of all the make and model of a vehicle are what affect the price. The safer the car is the lower the rates are. Then comes the size and age of the car insured. As a rule, larger and newer cars are safer, hence the rates are lower. Where you park your car, also matters in how much is car insurance. If the region is included in most dangerous ones from point of thefts accordance, the premiums for the car will be higher.

There is a chart that states the ten most frequently stolen cars. If yours is one of them, be prepared to pay higher premiums. To prevent this fact working against you, you can install an anti-theft and alarm features on your car. This will definitely lower the insurance cost.

How Much Is Car Insurance? Get a Satisfying Answer

2. Demographic factors

Besides the car related factors, there are others that affect how much is car insurance. These are the demographic ones that include the driver’s gender and age, his/her marital status, profession, credit score and driving history. According to the statistics, younger people (especially male) are more inclined to arising accidents. On the other hand, older men-drivers cause less traffic collisions than older females.

Having blemishes on your driving record also plays a major role in how much is car insurance. Perhaps all insurance companies take this fact into great consideration when setting the price for the coverage the driver applies for.

3. Coverage type

Doubtless, one can’t calculate how much is car insurance without paying attention to the cover type the driver chooses. The basic liability insurance that provides exceptionally the third-party cover only is the cheapest. With this insurance coverage the driver does not have his car repaired or physical state cured, yet the damages and injuries he causes to others are repaid. Meanwhile, the comprehensive insurance offers some extras that definitely add the cost.

How Much Is Car Insurance? Get a Satisfying Answer


The insurance company you choose and the state it operates in also have a certain impact on the price. The quotes how much is car insurance swing fiercely from one insurance provider to another. The five States that require the cheapest insurance prices are Ohio ($76 monthly premiums), Maine/New Hampshire ($81 monthly premiums), North Carolina ($87 monthly premiums), Idaho ($89 monthly premiums) and Virginia ($92 monthly premiums).


How Much Is Car Insurance? Get a Satisfying Answer


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