Essential Tips On Bike Insurance

Essential Tips On Bike InsurancePerhaps every biker has experienced the exceptional feel of freedom and euphoria only a ride on a bike can provide. The feeling can’t be compared with anything else: the furious speed, the sound of the vehement wheels and the piercing wind that takes your breath away… All this plus the powerful feeling you are ruling it makes one irrevocably fall in love with biking. Anyway, like anything you love and care for, bikes need protection, too. Frequent visits to a mechanic are far not enough to guarantee your bike will be kept safe. Moreover, the danger you can injure someone or damage someone’s property is always threatening. Here comes the bike insurance. To protect you financially once you have caused a traffic collision with your motorbike, you definitely need to purchase a bike insurance plan from a reliable insurance provider.

Nevertheless, let us learn some basic information related to bike insurance before you make your purchase.

Essential Tips On Bike Insurance

The Three Levels Of Bike Insurance Policies

1. Third Party Only

This is the basic insurance policy, which is mandatory in almost every State. It covers the damages as well as injuries you caused to others with your bike. However, it does not provide any protection for you (medical expenses) or your motorbike (repair costs).

2. Third Party Theft and Fire

This bike insurance policy provides the protection mentioned above plus a privilege via protection for your bike in case of a theft or fire.

3. Comprehensive

This is a bike insurance policy that provides a complete protection. Purchasing this policy (it costs significantly more expensive than the two above mentioned ones), you will get protection for both you and your bike, as well as the third parties once you have caused an accident or in the case of a theft and fire.

What Information You Need To Provide To Get a Quote

1. The first thing that is important to mention is the make and model of your bike. The type of it matters, too. Hence, be sure to state whether you roll on a scooter, moped, sports bike, cruiser, etc.

Essential Tips On Bike Insurance

2. The year of manufacturing is also important to mention. Many companies provide insurance only for bikes produced during or after the 1970s.

3. The info on any modifications applied to your bike after it was produced is also necessary. If you have installed any security devices on the bike, it is advisable to state it (this will significantly reduce your premiums).

Essential Tips On Bike Insurance

4. The cost of the bike as well as how much you bought it is also significant information. And if there were any claims or convictions you had concerned with the bike, your insurance company is sure to be interested in it.

5. And the last data to be stated when applying for a bike insurance quote is how long you have had the bike license. If there are other riders, too, who use your bike, be prepared to provide information about them, too.

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